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The Story - Part 10

Unfortunately that was not the exit he expected. After crossing the gap, what Tuko finds there is the same scenario: more cave, stalactites and darkness.

But Tuko is determined to find the exit that will return him to his beloved jungle and runs tireless through these labyrinth of caves with the hope he can escape and continue with his feast ... which reminds him that all this trouble has left him starving. 'I wish I could taste a piece of fruit!'

All he finds is a strange mushroom of a suspicious color. His instinct tells him not to taste it, but he is so hungry he is going to faint. Finally, hunger wins and he eats it.

'Well, it tastes good' thinks Tuko. At least he is no longer hungry and continues his way.

But after a while, he starts to feel weird, his guts make strange noises and he begins to feel lighter while his belly looks like is about to explode. After a few minutes, the pressure continues to rise and suddendly feels that he has to do something or is going to burst.

At the end, all that pressure is released through the only possible spot, and Tuko, after releasing a huge fart, thrown through the air, ends perched on a ledge which was previously out of reach.

Well, it seems that at the end I can fly! laughs Tuko.

Ok. This does not look so bad after all. Now ... let's find the exit.

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