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How to play Tuko's Escape
The main goal to complete the game is to finish all stages of each level. You need to get enough stars to unlock levels.

The stars are achieved by getting good times, so you'll have to be fast. But don't forget to catch diamonds, because they are required at some points.
What device do I need and what are the minimum requirements to Play Tuko's Escape
Tuko's Escape is available for Android devices (from 4.0.3 version) with at least 512Mb of RAM.
I meet the minimum requirements and the game runs slow. I'm using Free version.
Unfortunately, Ads take up some resurces, so the game could run slow on older devices. We recommend using a device with at least a dual processor. Premium version of Tuko's Escape doesn't suffer from this problem.
What are the differences between Tuko's Escape Free and Tuko's Escape Premium?
Tuko's Escape Free is totally free to download and has inserted commercial advertising. Tuko's Escape Premium has a small price but it's ads free.
Can I play without Internet?
You'll need Internet to play Tuko's Escape Free.

Tuko's Escape Premium has no advertising and can be played without internet.
Why I can't play Tuko's Escape Free? I have Internet.
Tuko's Escape Free needs a persistent Internet connection. If you get a black loading screen maybe you are under a low coverage situation. Find better coverage or check your Wi-Fi.
I have achieved a record on stage X and has not been published.
There is a posibility of internet or server fail at particular times. If your record doesn't get published, try visiting rankings with your affected profile and tables will get updated automatically with your records.
It has only one level?!
Yes. For the moment. Depending on Tuko's Escape success we will evaluate the creation of new levels. So if you have already completed the first level and want to continue enjoying Tuko's adventures, the best you can do is to help us make it known: Share this page on facebook and share the official facebook page.
Why do you use advertising in Tuko's Escape Free?
Adverstising is one of our sources of income and we need to eat. Also, our ads are not very annoying. Anyway, Premium version has a very interesting price if you are against ads.
Can I advertise my company in your application?
Yes. Get in contact with us through info@roobio.com or games@roobio.com

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